About David Winogrond

A friend of mine rescued my first non-point and shoot camera from the remains of a burning house. She offered to be my guinea pig model, since she had done modeling in the past. I fumbled with the soot filled camera, attempting to learn photography on my own. As the camera’s shutter speed became more and more inaccurate, my self-taught black and white printing skills became more demanding. Six months later, the shutter mechanism broke altogether and I retired for a few years.

Having played drums since I was eleven, I eventually decided I needed another creative outlet so I bought another camera and decided to get serious. I continued my self-taught approach by reading and asking too many questions in camera stores. My inspirations come more from paintings than from other photography. My niche is loosely based around capturing the many facets of feminine beauty.

I was also the only staff photographer and darkroom technician at The Palisades Post newspaper. Stylistically, this was a very different approach. The accent was less on aesthetics and more on getting the story. My technical abilities were greatly honed during this period for the simple reason that there’s no such thing as a "reshoot" in photojournalism.

After leaving the newspaper, I’ve been less concerned with how to fit into any marketplace and more concerned with pursuing my own vision. If you like the examples of my photography shown on this site and would like to schedule a shoot, please contact me.